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Beneficiary: Nada Technologies Inc, Austin, Texas.

Application for controlling "wafer sorter" robots used in semiconductor fabs, used to control them by issuing direct commands, or executing complex recipe. The application has incorporated a recipe language editor with its own compiler and executor. Also the application permits the control and configuration of sorter's hardware devices, such as: light tower, robot, camera, aligners, and stages.

Technologies used:
UML, Java, Ant, Swing, JMS (OpenJMS), RMI, JavaComm , Web Services, XML, JDom, JSP, Junit, EasyMock, Mysql

Beneficiary: Nada Technologies Inc, Austin, Texas.

Java network application having a desktop and web part used to monitor the activity of "ocr boxes" in the semiconductor fabs, which are used to decipher the camera captured scribes from the wafers. The application has a high reliability level due to its strong error check mechanism such as power loss, network conflict, or "ocr box" down. Through the web interface can be performed configuration tasks, current system state view, and statistical analysis.

Technologies used:
UML, Java, Ant, Struts, XML, Hibernate, Mysql, JDom, JUnit

Beneficiary: Corvo, Leuven, Belgium - cultural portal for Belgium.

Technologies used: UML, Java, JSP, MMbase, Mysql

Beneficiary: Corvo, Leuven, Belgium

A "message hub" application used to transmit and translate electronic orders from the customers to pharmaceutical company. It is responsible for the transport of the electronic orders over the internet and for the translation of the orders between several formats.

Technologies used: Java, Mysql, Hibernate, FTP, JavaMail, EDI, CSV, XML

Beneficiary: IDS Consulting SRL, Chisinau Moldova - represents a job hunting website for Moldova. Functionalities on the site: jobs category, publish jobs, search jobs, apply online, automatic job alert on email based on specified criteria, companies' directory, edit/upload CV online.

Technologies used: PHP, Smarty, Mysql

Beneficiary: IDS Consulting SRL, Chisinau Moldova - Real estate portal for Moldova.

Technologies used: PHP, Smarty, Mysql

Beneficiary: OmniPlatform Corp, Riverside, California - Online students' paper review system by the best Ph.D./TA's in the USA.

Technologies used: Java, JSP, Ant, Hibernate, Velocity, Mysql


Implemented data collection robots using Kapow RoboSuite application.

Technologies used: Kapow RoboSuite, HTML, Perl Regexp, Javascript

Beneficiary: eKnowlogie Inc., Minneapolis, USA

Migrated complex web applications from ColdFusion to Java.

Technologies used: Java, Struts, JSP, MS SQL

GROWPY e-Learning
Beneficiary: Lavidor GmbH, Winkel, Switzerland Online e-Learning portal. Permits to connect worldwide to teachers and students. Teachers can register their courses online for a price or free. Any user can browse existing courses and subscribe to them.

Technologies used: CMSMS, PHP, Mysql, Javascript
Beneficiary: Winerist, London, UK Wine travel made simple.

Technologies used: Play! framework, Paypal checkout, PHP, Expression Engine
Beneficiary: Anandis GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland Online tools for business professionals.

Technologies used: Play! framework, Heroku deployment